Who we are

Muhtarov OOD was founded in 1993 and has proven itself to be a reliable partner and the right choice in its field.

We are a company which specializes in the production and installation of roof profiles, air ducts, metal constructions, delivery, sale, manufacture and installation of HVAC systems for the daily life and the office, for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Founded more than 20 years ago, the company has established itself as a reliable partner and a perfect choice in its field.

We have our own facilities for the production of roof profiles, air ducts and metal constructions as well as a showroom and storages.

We successfully combine innovation nad tradition.

Our main asset is the young, dynamic and ambitious management team, always ready to offer an innovative solution to any particular situation. Our employees are approved specialists and constructors with experience of many years, who conform to the demands of the client.

Our main goal is to implement the clients' ideas responsibly, broad-mindedly and professionally. We will listen to you and your ideas so we can offer you the best possible solution for your specific project and needs.

Muhtarov OOD has been assessed and registered by Intertek as conforming to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Main activities

Main activities

HVAC systems for your office, home, summerhouse, production facility; we can take you through the project all the way to the commissioning.

  • Engineering of HVAC installation: consultations, engineering, a knowledgeable team of designers and employees will help you make the right choice for your personal needs and requirements;
  • Installaton of heating systems, solar panels, etc.;
  • Installation of ventilation systems, air ducts, etc.;
  • Installation of AC systems, VRF systems, chillers and others according to the specifics of the consumption;
  • After-sales service for our installation and technical support for installations performed by other companies.

Engineering and installation of a complex metal roof systems. Complete installation of a roof system, including:

  • Production and installation of seamless gutters;
  • Production and installation of roof flashings; water drainage systems and accessories;
  • Installation of roof systems with bitumen shingles; bitumen and synthetic waterproofing membranes;
  • Installation of metal roofing panels - Hunter, Snap-Lock, Clip-Click and other types of roof or facade panelling, depending on the specifi architecture of the building;
  • Domes: construction, panelling, installation.

Metal constructions:

  • Construction of storage halls and other types of buildings;
  • A complete cycle: installation of the construction, panelling, cabling and electrical supply.

We offer you:

  • Individual solution for every customer, according to the specific needs and problems in regards to roof systems, HVAC systems, kitchen fittings;
  • Expert consultations and individual solutions as per your architecture;
  • Manufacture and installation of details as per the request of the customer.